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Fiber Ethernet has been and will continue to replace copper infrastructure. This is a known fact industry wide and known by most businesses and individual consumers.

Fiber is simply a technologically better way of transmitting data. Fiber lasts longer and there are less infrastructure repairs over the long term. Fiber Ethernet is the infrastructure typically brought to a physical business address by the local telephone company or cable provider.

All major metros have fiber through their cities and suburban areas. Rural areas are starting to show signs of fiber infrastructure builds and there will continue to be more and more fiber throughout our country and the world for that matter.

Yes, 5G is available in very limited areas now but soon it will be all over the world. Technology is moving faster than ever, and it will continue to gain momentum. The world will without a doubt be a very different place in 3 to 5 years due to this fact. For the foreseeable future we will still need fiber in the ground.

3 to 5 years ago, enterprise businesses were ordering 100MB Fiber Ethernet circuits, now we are seeing 1GB Fiber circuits, in the next 6 to 18 months, 10GB will be the typical fiber order for Enterprise businesses. In some cases, like Fortune 500 businesses, 10GB circuits is already standard. Speed of data transmission is contingent on how much capacity your circuit(s) can handle. The world wide web is the information highway, but it’s really a highway that allows your data to travel as fast as they size of your circuit allows.

Think about downloading a file or sending an email with a large attached. Applications on your computer and the computer itself have to do with the speed it goes out or comes in, but the actual speed as to how fast it leaves your router to the recipient’s router is solely reliant on the sender’s bandwidth and the receiver’s bandwidth. This is true from data center to laptop, data center to data center, or smart phone to PC.


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